Our Technology

We've created so many programs that they have to suit everyone. Treat your car the best, from pre-wash to waxing to the final rinse. You can combine the programs in a variety of ways, including a diamond program, that's perfect for washing, or a silver program, for which you can reward the car for its service.
We like the highest technology, so we chose the German company FRANK, which is considered to be one of the best quality contactless car washers manufacturers in Europe. Fully-developed electronic controls and corrosion-resistant materials guarantee trouble-free operation and long service life.
You can pay by credit card, coins or VIP card, which you can get at us and get a discount. You don't have any small change? Do not mind, change your banknotes in the money changer and give your car the best washing service.

Program selection

Active foam

If the car is commonly polluted, apply a special detergent—foam.


In case of more significant car dirt—glued insects, clouds, spreading salt, etc.

Washing with a micro powder

It serves to remove dirt and complete washing of the car.


It eliminates from cleaning chemicals and dirt residues on your car bodywork. It also serves to clean the bottom part of the car.


It's used to protect the paint thanks to the wax applied by the hot water.

Final rinse—gloss

It's always used at the end of each wash to achieve perfect gloss. Thanks to osmotic water your car will be dry in a moment.

Where You Can Try Our Washing